Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time....An enigma

I was one vivid writer during my school days. Loved writing and churning out creative sentences with the latest swanky words. I used to look up for new words and had the passion to find synonyms and to tailor make my sentences to fit in the exact word in a eloquent manner. It definitely was a sense of achievement and not to be forgotten that I kind of managed to really impress some of my seniors in school and at home who complimented me on my work and also managed to win some prizes in writing.

I loved to write poems and still do, the rhyming words dancing with synchronization in my mind and I would weave them in stanza. Alright, I am Blogging not bragging. Ok! Lets get to the point.
Thanks to one of my friend, who is also a recent blogger for giving me this way where I can vent out the true writer in me. 

Writing just relaxes me, makes me think best of all. Life can become monotonous with the same mundane tasks. Everybody needs to discover some passion or some activity to keep their mind off over the future, fears, fantasies and facts.

Time flies away before you even know, leaving us a plethora of memories. The magic is to make most use out of it. I remember the proverb I read as a child and it affects me till today,
This proverb will tell you a lot about the achievers, the go getters who have accomplished a lot in a short period of time or the conspicuous people who have invested a lot of time of their lives in finding what best they are at and to be able to set an example to others.

The most impressive people are the people who start young to tap the potential in them and manage to achieve success and fame in a short period of time. It is their early investment in time for doing something they love or something they are passionate about.
The examples that I can remember are

Sania Mirza
Who doesn't know about this sensation who set out to carve a place for Indian women at the face of international tennis.She was merely six years of age when she held the tennis racket given to her by her Dad Imran.What started as an early dream in the eyes of her parents, she lived up to their expectation and more, carving a niche in world tennis. She was 13 years when she was already an international player in a junior tournament for INTERNATIONAL TENNIS FEDERATION.

The biggest breakthrough was when she reached the third round of Australian open 2005 against the tough Serena Williams. This certainly opened a lot of eyes around the world to recognize India is not far behind in the good game of tennis for women. She made India proud again when she won the Australian open 2009 along with Mahesh Bupathi earning her maiden Grand slam title.

Starting a tennis career in 2003,in a span of 6 years she has made Indian history. She has achieved so much at her best learning years and can look forward for more in the time ahead that can offer her. Way to go gal!!

Lewis Hamilton
He started his first motor sport career at the age of 8 and at the age of 10 won his first British championship and went on to win four more championships.McLaren and Mercedes spotted this young champ and decided to make him a part of their Young Driver support program providing him financial and technical support. In 2008 ,he was the youngest world champion in formula one history.

What started as a craze for playing with remote controlled cars led to winning championship at an age of 10. He was only ten when he walked up to the Mclaren team principal Ron Dennis at an award ceremony and told him. ''Hi, I am Lewis Hamilton and I won the British championship and one day I want to be racing you cars.'' Can you believe? A young man with such a big dream and he actually worked through time to fulfill it.

More people to admire and adore in my next blog. Till then keep smiling.:)



Nazia said...

Hey first of all, Congratulations!! for your first blog.This definitely is a really great start... Welcome to the world of writing gal!! So now that you have overcome your writer's block and actually tasted the joy of composing your first blog, I am sure you just gotta long way to go from here... Looking forward to read more on your thoughts in the future.All the best!!! Would like to close with these immortal lines from Robert Frost...

"But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep"

Chandrika said...

Nice one :-)

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