Tuesday, December 22, 2009


''Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the world '' said Albert Einstein.

If you ask James Cameron he might just suggest you a better quote with the replacement to the word "World''. His imagination takes a leap beyond this world into the space to a self created spectacular world of Pandora in his new movie AVATAR.I saw the 3D version and I can bet that it has the best computer generated graphics till date. The digital spectacle catapults us into a different world from where we can see a giant planet and 2 moons in a clear night sky. The motion capture technology sucks you into its fantasy and creates a desire that if only James could also incorporate the sense of touch, we could experience more out of his marvelous luminous creatures in Pandora.

Get ready to live the experience through my eyes. Here is the plot:

Jake Sully an ex-marine who has lost his legs in a battle is about to have a fresh start in a moon called Pandora of a planet Polyphemus which is 4 light years away from home planet Earth. The Resource Development Department hire him as he has the genome alike that of his dead twin brother who lost his life in Pandora and promise him a set of artificial legs. They have spent millions of dollars to develop an avatar and find Jake sully a cheaper replacement than to make a new avatar of new person. Just for you to know these avatar are bodies which are grown in the lab by mixing the native people's DNA with that of human DNA. Humans can with the help of special sleeping machines [;)] virtually talk, walk and kick ass with the avatars. These are designed by the greedy humans to negotiate with the Naavis, the local indigenous tribe in order to allow them to dig out minerals which cost a bomb back on Earth.

So, Jake sully gets into the sleeping machine with the help of Professor Grace. Prof Grace is a scientist researching on the flora and fauna of Pandora, apart from that she also interacts with the natives in her very own avatar wearing sleeveless tops and shorts with colorful beads in her hair. Once into the machine, Jake virtually gets into his 10 feet tall blue avatar ready to explore the mysterious planet where humans cannot survive more than 10 minutes.

Once he gains controls of his avatar he cannot control his excitement venturing into the precarious land without any prior knowledge of do's and don’ts out there. Before he comes into contact with the Naavis he comes into contact with the ferocious beast of Pandora, he being a ex marine saves himself from it on time to find himself in another danger of the dark, a pack of dirty brown colored hungry wolves (I am presuming them to be Pandora's wolves, I don’t have James phone number to ask if he has named all the creatures).As always, the hero cannot die so soon. So the next thing...

On a top branch of a tall tree, there is a catty figure that has excellent archery skills watching his moves. It is her faith in the spiritual tree called Ewyva which prevents her to kill him before the wolves attack him and now compels her to save his life. Now you would have figured it out she is a blue beauty with a alluring body and a strong spirit whom James cant resist falling in love.

The blue beauty is Neytiri, who introduces Jake to her family who are wary of him as the troops have been exploiting their motherland for ''UNOBTAINIUM" an expensive mineral found in Pandora. The mother of Neytiri seeks guidance from Ewywa, a spiritual tree that connects the entire life on the Pandora. She comes to understand that he has pure soul and they all let him to be one among them. The adventure then begins as Neytiri gets the responsibility to train Jake to be like one of them. I was very much surprised that the naavis spoke fluent English other than a ' junglee' language.

Each scene has a character of its own. I was watching slack jawed, my eyes devouring every spectacle making its way on screen and my mind anticipating the next scene. The color and objects were unpredictable except the story which was weaving into a regular love story.

The flying mountains of Hallelujah take the cake for best work in technology in the movie. I was in awe watching the giant blocks of rock in the air with my 3D glasses. The flying scenes with the dragons will give an adrenaline rush. The Naavi have a special way of communicating with the other inhabitants of their land. It is funny and bizarre that they have some worm like sensors hidden in their plaits which intertwine with the similar sensors of the animal they want to communicate. Once it intertwines, it forms a bond by which they can understand the animals and vice versa. Imagine if we humans had something like that, we would have no more animal poop in the city. I hate seeing cow dung and doggy poop in middle of the road in India. If we could bond with the animals, we Indians could better toilet train them...he he.

Back into the movie again; Smitten Sully stands up to a heroic revolt against his own greed driven people to defend the Naavi's. The rest of the movie follows with scenes of war craft that are gory except for the wonderful special effects. He emerges victorious and he kicks the humans back to Earth. He transfers his soul into his avatar by some tribe black magic and lives happily ever after with Neytiri.(It was a smart decision to escape his handicapped life back on earth)

James Cameron has marveled people with his 12 years efforts to create a movie with hardly any flaw. I am sure the critics must be having a hard time to find weak spots except the weak storyline. It is one hell of a master piece which is a must watch this holiday season. I would rate this movie a 10 on 10 for giving me a truly out of this world experience ;)I am ready to count the academy awards next year.

Until next time,keep smiling:)