Saturday, May 16, 2009


''H1N1 influenza virus outbreak killing 72 people around the world''-------"Bed bugs are coming! Worst outbreak since World War 2 in US"----------"German slump drags Europe into even deeper recession"-------"GM and Chrysler cuts combined could wipe out 100,000 jobs"----"Pakistan's war against Taliban''-------''Global Warming Biggest Health Threat of 21st Century, Experts Say''.

When I wake up and read the news, I pass the whole day worrying about the life our future generations have in store. When I read the news in the night, I get nightmares how I am I going to survive this increasingly difficult situations threatening healthy human life. Sigh!!When will the news make someone happy? All I know the more the person knows what is happening in the world, the more fret-lines he adds to his face. What is happening??Apart from violence, disease, recession, destruction. There is hardly anything that will make us to sit back and relax.
Come out of the problems of the world, another set of hassles trap you. Keeping up expectations, having expectations, meeting deadlines, job security in this difficult time of recession are some examples. Meeting with friends means comparison of each others lives. Discussion with employer means harder work and lesser pay. Visiting relatives means questions about your life and future plans. Speaking with parents means fulfilling their expectations. Romancing with partner means talking about savings ahead.

Sadly but true, everybody I encounter these days have some thing to worry about. A lady caught up in an apprehension about losing few kilos she gained last month while a man is tensed about the answer he is going to get from an interview he gave last week. A mother is worried about her child's future while the father is frustrated to keep providing for his family demands. Finally when I get back home and look in the mirror, I see the strained face staring back at me. Then I have to take a deep breath and relax the muscles of my face.
Worry, worry and more worry...Caught up in endless vicious cycle of worry. Cortisol hormones begging you to give them a break. The stress resulting when you start worrying can be devastating on the health.

• Impaired cognitive performance {cognitive performance refers to the processes such as memory, attention, perception, action, problem solving and mental imagery
• High blood pressure

• Decrease in muscle tissue and bone density

• Blood sugar imbalance

• Lower immunity

• Fertility problems.

• Impaired thyroid function.

Can you believe that? I think I added one more worry about worrying!!.....So how to handle worry? I needed an answer, a practical solution, until I searched more on it to find some easy solutions which I would love to share with all of you.
Worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but leads you no where. It is just a plain dissipation of valuable energy. Every time we worry it is important that we should not be upset, remorseful, vexed or feel guilty about it but to handle it with positive energy. Worry conveys that we need to change the way we look at the problem or a given situation. In order to change the way we look at it, we must be flexible to change.
The root of worry is expectation. We need to realize that worrying does not fulfill an expectation but commitment will. The moment we realize this, we will see that worry is neither helping nor is it serving us. Start looking at worry as an indication to look at life differently. Treat problems wisely, what I mean is to treat a problem as a challenge and the minute you treat it as a challenge it becomes an opportunity to heal.
Learn to enjoy the problem. (I know it is not going down the throat, but I suggest read on)
I will share an example which I read. Once a philanthropist constructed a football stadium. He invited the best football players for the inaugural match. However his young son looked worried and sad. He said daddy you spent millions to construct this stadium, you have invited 22 players but only ONE football? Can’t you be generous to provide some more footballs? ..................Can you imagine 22 players with 22 footballs? What will be the fun and excitement in the game? The excitement begins when there are 22 players running after one ball! They may be tired, anxious, and desperate but all these add fun to the game. So learn to treat a problem with sportsman's attitude. Take it as a challenge.
Learn to study the problem which is causing worry. Problems give us invitation to be wiser. It is up to us to handle them creatively and not provoking ourselves to be miserable. Take time to list down areas which need change, development, consultation. Take advice from anybody you can rely upon. Be determined and strong to carve a way out. Never give up on hope and faith. Most important of all seek guidance from your creator and ask for understanding. As your understanding improves, the ignorance will catch the earliest train to faraway land. Count your blessings and take pleasure in small things of life. Keep a check on negative thoughts, negative people, and negative movies, negative influences that hinder progress.

By the way, I still read the news, not in the morning and night but in the afternoon ;) Mornings are fresh and calm and nights are without nightmares. Instead of worrying about future, I try to stay in present and learn from my past. So I hope this bog has been useful to cut down the unnecessary worry creeping into our lives. Don't worry, be happy. Take each day as it comes, there will be surprises some good some bad but in the end remember it is your life, make it meaningful and happy :)

keep smiling :)