Friday, January 15, 2010

Fitness tips from Fitness guru.

Bonjour, Dag and Hello to all!!
My dear friends, let me introduce to you Mr. Delise, a fitness expert working for Healthcity, Brussels. I am sure by now you would have seen the video and figured out whom I am talking about. Mr. Delise is a hardworking man who has a down-to-earth attitude.

Whoever said Health is wealth, has rightly said. I believe being healthy helps your body combat the various diseases and stresses we face in this world. Each one of you can find time to give your body and mind the much needed attention. By doing this, you are not only improving your productiveness but also slowing your aging process. It also helps you to elevate your mood and relieve pain.

I decided to spread the importance of healthy life. What better way could I find than to interview Mr. Delise, my fitness idol who religiously takes pain to make sure all of us get the maximum out of his fitness classes which he conducts at Healthcity, Brussels.

For my friends who don't understand French, I am writing the gist of the interview. For those who understand French, pardon me if I have made mistakes in the beautiful language.

Mr.Delise is a Cuban, all the way here in Brussels from the Caribbean island. He is living here in Brussels since 11 years and working as a fitness trainer since 7 years. His fitness idol is Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo from USA (I had not heard of him before, here is a link to know more about Billy blanks)

We talk further and I asked him if there is a particular diet to keep ourselves fit. He tells me how important it is to eat well in order to have good energy levels. He advises to eat well during the morning and afternoon, and avoid eating a lot in the night as our body does not burn the calories. It is important to include vegetables, fruits, meat in small portions during the night. An apple helps to avoid muscle cramps and helps in cleansing the stomach.

I also asked him whether chocolate is good for health as I am living in land of chocolate where avoiding chocolate or not avoiding it is an equivalent crime. He tells me that dark chocolate rich in cocoa contains magnesium which is good for health. Hmm I would rather commit crime not avoiding chocolate now! :)

Next he speaks of the importance of maintaining a good posture for flat abdomen which I clearly explain in the video. Lastly, his message to all of us is live in Cuba.. ha ha. On a lighter note he tells us live a happy life with lot of sunshine and festivals. Be generous with your smile!

We thank you Mr. Delise for your time to give us important tips on staying healthy. So dear friends I hope you benefit from this interview and invest some of your time in keeping yourself fit. Don't give much importance to what you see, what you hear is more important(I know the lighting is bad)

Buddha said ''Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.'' So are you the best author? You got the hint, didn't you?

Keep smiling :)


Jasmine said...

wow fizz...this is great should be in the media!!

Sham said...

Grrrr.. I am gonna be the fitness idol soon. :)

Good interview and video editing ... Keep it going!

Anu said...

Hey Fizz,Jus fel like viewing some interview from some media channels...a very good theme...nd ofcourse wonderful way of putting them into work.Thumbs up for u.

vyju said...

good one :) will try to remember about the posture most :) thanks dear :)

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