Monday, January 4, 2010


Welcome to the show FrankFizz with me your host Fizz and I wish you all a very happy new year! Today we are here to discuss with the successful 3 idiots...Oops I mean the men who made 3 idiots successful! We know the controversy revolving around them and Mr.Chetan Bhagat, the author of Five Point Someone. We are here to throw more light on this issue.

Our first Idiot err I mean guest Mr.Vidhuji welcome to the show. As you all know He is a great director who has given hits like Munna behen...MBBS, 1942: A flop story and Mission crashing.
So everybody please put your hands together for Vidhuji.(Mr.V)
[He enters the show and takes a seat opposite me with 2 more chairs empty next to him]

Mr. V: Hello fizz, nice to be on your elite show.

Me: It is my honor sir to have you as our guest. You can have some tea,till then let me introduce your other partners in crime; ahem… cream sir all the cream you are getting for 3 idiots I meant.

Dudes and dudettes, our next idiot …damn, my tongue is misbehaving. Our next guest Mr.Rajkumarji (Mr.R), the producer of 3 idiots. Give him a round of applause. He has directed films for Vidhuji, the most famous being Munna behen, MBBS and now again a great contribution to Indian Cinema. [Rajkumarji enters the show with his hands joined and takes a seat next to Vidhuji]

Mr. R: Hello Fizz and hello viewers. Thank you all for the great response for 3 idiots.

Me: Hello sir, welcome to the show.

Finally our last and original idiot Mr.Aamirji(Aamir). Well I don’t think I need to give any introduction to this perfectionist who has worked very hard for the movie and its publicity. [An old man walks inside aged 60 years with thick spectacles wearing old sweater which cannot conceal the underlying paunch. He walked towards us with his grey hair under a red muffler and his jaws adjusting the partial denture which peeps every now and then to tell us hi. We all stood up with surprise. Before I figure out, the old man started laughing, then rolled his lips and whistled. AAL is well! He said. The voice triggered a neuron reaction and all of us bursted into laughter. Aamir had disguised himself just as he did going around Banaras to promote his movie.]

Aaamir: ha ha ha...gottcha fizz.

Me: You are great Aamir; you go to such an extent to prove the new title you have got. Thank you for coming on this show and exhibiting your prank well suited for the title.:)

So all you young and old people out there let’s begin our show now as we have all three guests eager to speak. Sadly, Mr. Abhijatji our much anticipated copycat.ahu ahu damn there is no water; I mean Copywriter of 3 idiots is absent.

Me: What happened to Abhijatji, Mr.Vidhuji? He was supposed to be with us today.

Mr.V: I spoke to him today morning and he said he was busy writing a script.

Me: Oh yes we understand he is copy with “ing” and writing. We all wish him success like 3 idiotsJ.Tell me Rajuji what is your response to Mr.Chetan Bhagat asking for due credit to his contribution to this movie?

Mr.R: The credit goes to my friend Abhijat who has written the script and worked on it for 3 years. We have given credit to this Chetan but he is not the real credit holder for it. I can show you 26 scenes which are completely different from the novel which proves that it is not copied from his novel.

Me: Ok ok, Rajuji has made a very invalid point here. Viewers please note;) What do you think Mr.Vidhuji, is Chetan Bhagat asking a lot?. I have read the book when I was a student, 5 years back and I can tell after watching the movie the credit should go to Chetan as the storywriter.


Me: Calm down Vidhuji, calm down. Aamir what do you have to say??wiping the sweat off my forehead.

Aamir: Vidhuji is little hot headed...ha ha.actually I have not read the book myself but I am sure the credit goes to Abhijatji. Chetan Bhagat just wants to take the credit away. It happens that some people are hungry for publicity and want to get famous.

Me: Oh I see, you are so sure without reading the book that credit goes to abhijatji. Point to be not missed viewers.:) I think we have to abruptly end the show as Mr.Vidhuji has just had a rise in his BP and has to be hospitalised.Thank you for coming on the show. We all now, know for sure who is the copy writer and we wish you all a great success for being 3 idiots.oops!! for 3 idiots.

Thank you viewers for watching our show.

After the guests leave,I have something to tell you.''Now friends in my opinion the due credit should go to Chetan Bhagat'', I have read the book Five Point Someone and can be sure that the skeleton and body is his, only the costumes are different which means story is from the book,only they have modified some parts of the movie. They should openly admit it and give correct rights to the original author. They have definitely cheated him telling that only 3 to 4 percent is from his book and giving him credit by adding his name in the last which made the author's mother cry is unfair according to me. Aamir commenting that credit should go to Abhijat without reading the book is crazy. So friends send in your comments as what you think? Till then, keep smiling…till next time, your host Fizz.

[Unimportant note: All the characters of this episode are fictitious except Fizz. Any resemblance to the other living characters is purely not coincidental]

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