Thursday, February 4, 2010


     February is the special month to celebrate the emotion 'love' on Valentine's Day. I vividly remember when I was a girl of class eight, one of my friend got a rose and a teddy-bear holding a red heart. She had a boyfriend  from another school. Our school was a girls school and  my friend managed to get some vicious looks from some of our classmates who tried hard to cover their jealousy behind an artificial smile. She would get comments like ''wow, you are so lucky ya.'' ''Oh my god, look at the teddy bear,it is soooooo cute''. ''He must be loving you sooo much ya''.

My friend was a master in showing off. She would show the teddy bear and be too proud to allow anyone to touch it as if it was a priceless piece.That only added to the speculation she got for having a boyfriend. I liked my friend a lot and there was no room for jealousy for me but my heart would wrench each time my friend would pop the teddy bear and rose to showoff to others. It was the beginning of understanding what love was between Girl and Boy. It was so rosy to think of having a cute looking boy with dimples in his cheek and mushroom cut, wearing blue jeans and white shirt  smiling at me. That was precisely the definition of love in my adolescence.

       In different stages of life,the definition of love kept changing. With commitment there is a whole new definition. Life will give a special person who is meant to walk along till the end of it, in happiness and sickness, in sadness and ease and to complete you. For every man and woman are made incomplete. The soul finds its rest and wellness with another soul whom God has ordained to be together with his universal plan. According to me, this is love.

Here is a poem which I had written two years back on Love..Would like to share it with you all.

Hey you there, ever been in love?
Ever seen the touching beaks of a pair of doves?
Aha, the thought must be already exhilarating you.
I am not special, it makes me feel the same way too.

What can I say, Love is the most superior feeling.
God created it for our healthy being.
The world turns out to be your ecstasy,
That special person becomes your fantasy.

Thoughts can drift you in a different place altogether,
You and your loved one, nobody else to bother!
Falling petals, low lying clouds;
Music soft and slow, never jazzy and loud.

When you can see stars falling from the sky down,
Sorry! If you are finding me an exaggerating clown.
People in love can understand,
Like a fairy has cast a spell with her wand.

All your longed desires and dreams,
Start flowing like a dancing stream.
Soak into the feeling as much as you can,
For once give this world a damn.

For people out there in Love,
Prioritize your loved one above.
If you are yet to find someone,
Patience! You will soon find the one.

If you have forgotten your loved one and turned foolish,
It is not too late, to give it a love polish.
Find love if you are sane,
Your time and efforts will never go in vain!


Though I believe one day is not enough to express love to your loved one. It is definitely a good excuse to remind them again.Keep smiling;)