Monday, June 13, 2011


The future of our world is in our hands

Scams, Scandals, Corruption and Crisis. I think self made troubles were not enough for mankind now God is showing that he can create bigger troubles. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes... wow that sounds destructing!!

The certainty of the future generations is a huge question mark. The earth resources are getting depleted at an alarming rate. The market is getting more competitive and greed for materialism is on rampant rise. Have you heard about the word 'Morality'? Well it is a redundant word already in the minds of the generation Z. Young girls want to emulate Sheila and Munni. Young boys think ''character dheela'' is cool. Did you know that Cameroon Diaz said marraige is a dying institution? [Phssst... She believes in pretentious prostitution! LOL!]

I was having a casual chat with one of my junior as what her next plan would be after her graduation from Dental school. She is smart, confident and very much a face representing many young women who want to achieve in today's world. According to her graduation is not sufficient and wants to study further to be able to earn more. Ask her about boyfriend and there is a shy smile. Marriage is a far thing and kids are not a necessity. Survival is hard and she is unsure if she can provide for her babies. This is not a common thing at all; I have been seeing the worry on many of them. In countries like Japan where a pet is replacing a family, we should not be surprised about this at all.

Even if women want to guard their femininity strongly, it has been very subtly overshadowed by a masculine element over the last few years that pushes to achieve more careers wise, forcing them to think about a secure future and men are struggling to guard their masculinity as they no longer hold financial power or consider themselves as sole breadwinners. 

Inflation is skyrocketing and people are cheating openly in the market. During the summer sale here in Dubai, I happen to go to a shop which I visited a month back. I saw the same trendy pair of stilettos which I liked and wanting to buy it during the sale, hurried to pick them up and was shocked to see the discounted price. WHAT EYEWASH! The label read: WAS 350dh, SALE 250dh. A month back it cost 250dh. Does the shopkeeper know what a sale means?? He means deception, looting money from innocent public. This is not just one shop but many shops here. The Dubai festival is also a big con game.

 Life was different just a decade ago.Let me close my eyes and think of my school days. 
1.     Whatever the income was there, people would spread their happiness in it and find contentment.
2.     A trip once a year, a movie once a month and a dress for special occasions were good enough.
3.     Marriages were made in heaven. Only they had to find each other on earth.
4.     Having babies was the cutest thing. God would sustain his creations.
5.     Children would play in parks and lanes.

Let me open my eyes now.

   1. With both earning partners it is not sufficient to meet the demanding consumerism.
   2. How come you have not seen Switzerland
   3. Marriages are made on earth. The bank balance should be heavenly.
   4. Having babies is a toughest thing. Who will take care? Parents are busy earning for the future of the child.
   5. Children are still playing in parks and lanes but in the virtual world.

Please note that these are few of the many changes I have seen on a general note. There is still goodness and sanity among people but I am afraid it is changing because of the pressure of the changing world not because they want to change. On a happier note there is still time for us to make a change and the change should begin within. Materialism is not everything. We are not going to take even a single thing with us to the grave except our deeds. Try and do a single good deed a day and if each one of us strives unselfishly to contribute towards betterment, then God will show bigger betterment. We have a responsibility to handover a cleaner and safer world to the future generation not dig graves for them till the world is ordained to end.

What good deed did we do today? Time to introspect my friends.

Till next time, keep smiling:)