Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The word religion is more sensitive than Mimosa Pudica* [ I remember its name as it reminds me of samosa and pudina ..;p]  and has the potential to be more explosive than nuclear bomb in terms of human feelings.

Religion is derived from the Latin religiƍ, the ultimate origins of which are obscure.
 It also has a root word from Old French which means respect for what is sacred. According to Firdose (ok there are no stars on the ceiling, it’s me!!) it means a belief system connecting us to our creator. Human life at one point wants to find out the reason for its existence.

Let me share with you one interesting observation. I check facebook quiet often, hmm very often, too very often. Many thanks to my smartphone. Recently I uploaded the video about Muslim genocide in Burma where thousands of innocent people  are killed and tortured in the name of belief. It is about humanity be it about this killing or any other killing in the world, in the name of any religion. I never got any response for the video from any of my facebook pals. Surprisingly it missed all their eyes. The same day I uploaded a cat’s photo and I got four likes and also a comment! Bravo:) Trivial things get more attention than major issues rocking the world.

From my derivative conclusion, somewhere we do not want to mess up with it, we are unsure of our words, we do not want to show our feelings openly and we want to be SILENT! Shhhhhhhh. It is the best solution in a world filled with religious controversies and power struggle.

There is a new Gandhiji’s monkey in the market, a monkey that can tape its mouth, blindfold it eyes and puts ear plugs in his ears. All functions at the same time. So it means
See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil??  Oh come on!! It is obsolete and unfashionable now. It has new mantra and that is
It does not see- BLOODSHED
It does not hear- HUMAN CRIES
It does not speak – STOP KILLING
Like we wanted to emulate Gandhiji’s monkeys, we almost resemble this new monkey.
We may be defensive and the least we did was pray ‘Oh God, help this world’

All of us are born and all of us die one day. This is the universal truth. In this short period between life and death we seek knowledge, we seek love, we seek happiness, we seek wealth and above all we seek GOD. We seek the truth about our existence and our relationship with our creator. There are about 43 religions in this world today and there are five major religions based on the polls, surveys and statistics. They are
[Nobody mentioned about the sixth fastest growing major religion –MONEY! Strange how people can corner the fact, huh!]

These all are nothing but bridges that lead us to our final destination after we bid adieu to this material world and step into mysterious land of the unseen. Human beings are churning machines of needs, wants and desires. Only death can put an end to it. We constantly turn to God to fulfil them. I do not want to comment on people who do not believe in God as they cannot see the beauty around them even with open eyes.
All the great religions appear to have origin from prophets who gave solution to the people seeking an answer to their problems. These prophets have emerged at different time and different places of the world. Some prophesize faith, some prophesize practice and some both.

Every religion is beautiful when you see the goodness of it and every religion is ugly when you see the followers modifying it and doing wrong on its name. The most important thing is we can never force faith. Human beings have a limited free will and they are the best judges to seek what is right and wrong. We cannot choose our origin, but we choose our path and our destination.

The more I searched, the thirstier I grew to find a connection with God. The more I studied about different religions, the more respect I developed towards them. My inner peace came from submitting my will to the one God, sustainer of the Universe. Prophet Mohammed’s teachings calmed my soul. Some other faith must have calmed your soul. I completely respect it.

This world is a wonderful creation and every form of life being a miracle. Each life is struggling for sustenance here. Why do we hate, when we can try to love. Why do we kill, when we can try to support? Why do we remain silent, when we can try to speak? Why destroy when we can try to build. Why cry when we can try to smile? :)

All we need to is try, because just as GOD exists there is EVIL that misleads. The best we can do is to be tolerant towards our fellow beings. Imagine a world without diversity and difference. Let us Live and let live.

Asking me whether it is so easy? Ask yourself if good things come easy.

Till next time;)
O yeah. smile please.